Cornerstone Culture is the Research, Development & Innovation hub for the Cornerstone ecosystem. It provides services such as :


  • Co-op best practice worldwide - case studies
  • Market research on UK Hospitality, leisure and service sectors
  • Employee ownership. (member of EOA)

Development & Innovation

  • Innovative co-op governance & organisational structures
  • Custom designed integrated IT systems and apps
  • Innovative franchise model

Training Courses & Programmes

  • Franchisor & Franchisee development programmes
  • Co-op training
  • Innovative worker development training programme
  • Specialist skills training courses

Integrated IT systems

Cornerstone Culture has developed a seamlessly integrated IT system with powerful and reliable yet affordable functionality using the most trusted and reliable partners. All our systems run over the internet, we supply iPad-based electronic point-of-sale (EPOS) software integrated with the rewards scheme, accounting software etc.


Cloud based using iPads and a till drawer and designed for hospitality. Wide range of reporting tools and diagnostics based up sales and customer data.

The EPOS integrates seamlessly with the suite of apps selected to provide the following functions:


Card payment service is integrated with the EPOS and the accounts package; processed card payments are allocated automatically. The register integrates with the card payment service seamlessly for operator ease.


Cloud based accounting integrates with the EPOS and is automatically populated with all sales data once registers are reconciled.

Stock Control

Real time stock count based on manually counted opening stock, stock additions through the integrated purchase order system, wastage and product sales data reported through EPOS.

Stock sharing across sites.

Human Resources

The employee time and attendance app integrates seamlessly with the cloud-based payroll package, timesheets are generated by employee clock in/out and following approval the payroll is completed with the press of a button.

The employee scheduling app allows employees to set their availability, check shifts and receive alerts on their phone. The app allows multi-site scheduling of the whole staff team and publishing of all shifts from one screen. To enable reporting of staff cost versus revenue generated, the app integrates seamlessly with the EPOS registers automatically populating the sales generated by each member of staff and reported against their cost. Historical sales data is readily accessible to assist with future planning of schedules.

Wide range of reporting tools including staff cost against sales and features staff communication functions.


Cloud-based accounting integrates with employee scheduling app processing and submitting payroll once timesheets generated by employee attendance are approved with a click of a button.


Cardless loyalty rewards scheme runs as one across all locations and is fully integrated with the EPOS allowing members to earn points for every pound they spend and redeem them for special offers in different sites! The rewards scheme is seamlessly integrated with targeted email marketing campaigns using customer sales data.

Economies of scale

The accounts, loyalty and marketing apps are priced per company and not per site so become more cost-effective for multi-site operations.